Do you like music?  Well WE LOVE MUSIC!  We have over 1,000 guitars in stock.  That is the most in central California.  We have so many wonderful instruments from the best manufacturers such as Gibson, Fender, Taylor and Martin.  We also have the best bang-for-your-buck instruments.  Schecter, Takamine, Alvarez, Fender acoustics, Dean and Luna make great instruments for just a few hunder dollars.


    We are proud that we are locally owned.  We believe shopping local should not cost you more.  In fact we think our customers deserve the cheapest prices.  We do our very best to slay the Goliath that are big chain music stores.  These Wal-Mart-like music chain stores (Guitar Center and Sam Ash) have forced many local music stores to close all over the country.   But we plan on being around for many years to come because we offer a better shopping experience. 

    We beat the chain store prices. 

    We offer you better customer service. 

    We offer you a FREE warranty and a FREE lesson with the purchase of any guitar (the chain stores charge for warranties and they don’t even offer lessons).

    We also are the only authorized Taylor, Fender, Dean & Luna repair center in Kern County.  Our technicians can professionally set up your guitar to play like a dream.

    At big chain stores, they have a huge amount of employee turnover.  When you shop with us, you are talking to a person that loves music and has devoted their life to running a music store.  We will be around the next time you come in.  


    At those chain stores, they work on commissions.  We don’t.  We take pride in making sure you pick the instrument that is right for you.  Many of our customers that have made the switch describe the sales staff at the chain stores like vultures trying to sell you things you don’t need.

    We offer a more upscale shopping experience.  We also work with the schools in Kern County to provide the schools with band instruments. 

    We are the ONLY full service music store in Bakersfield.  Seeing is believing.  We invite you to come in and see what the local music community is buzzing about!


“We INVITE YOU TO COME In and see what the local music community is buzzing about!”

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661 338-4444    We Love Music!